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For the Love of Neon

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Creating simple activities to teach science
Skill Development:  STEM
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low


For the Love of Neon

Let's explore Neon, Black lights, and anything that glows-in-the-dark!  We create and explore using Neon oil pastels, highlighters, black lights, and so much more.

Dress for the mess and a warning to parents, your children may end up fully covered in highlighters... {don't worry, it easily washes off}  

Please, please, please don't stress about this mess.  This group of kiddos ranged from barely 3 years to 11 years old and everyone went home happy and stain free.

1.  Set out water dishes for them to rinse off paint brushes.

I love using dog dishes for water dishes since they're sturdy and less likely to tip over due to the rubber bottom edge.  You can find some adorable bright plastic ones like ours.

2. Fill little Dixie cups with liquid watercolor.

I reuse anything I possibly can so these four little Dixie cups are sitting inside of a little plastic container from some Gluten Free frozen food we found at Target.

2. Have them think of a design they'd like to create, starting in the center and expanding their design to the outer edges.  Of course, even if they want to create something different than this design, I let them.  It's all about them creating something they're proud of.

There's no right or wrong in Art so just create to your hearts desire.

3.  Now grab your paintbrushes and start adding some beautiful bright liquid watercolor.  Yes, the colors will mix but that's half the fun.

This is a great time to explain (or remind) how oil and water do not mix so once the watercolor has been added, it will simply slide right off the oil pastel they've just drawn with.

5. Once they're finished, allow the art to dry for at least 20 min before adding some Blacklight fun.  You can also grab a baby wipe and just dap up any excess watercolor.




How 2 Play:

Now for the Fun!

Have the kids hold their lovely Art ~ they will love seeing their designs and showing their friends.  Now, turn on the blacklight and switch off the lights!  Wait for their excited noises to begin.

I love our large blacklight from Amazon and I think I'll order some more to hang around the Art Studio but these little flashlights are perfect for their little hands.

A few more things we like to use: