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Ocean Sensory Bin

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Creating simple sensory bins
Skill Development:  Sensory
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium


🌊 Ocean Sensory Bin 🐚
Looking for a fun and simple activity for your kiddos this summer? Create an ocean inspired sensory bin 🐚 Did you know you can dye food you have right now in your kitchen?

We used blue Color Splash acrylic paint to dye white baby lima beans {and how adorable are they up close?}
Using yellow acrylic or even Color Splash tempra paint, you can color white rice. This can even be an activity all on its own since children can help and mixing it all in a ziplock baggie is so much fun.

How 2 Create:

Start by dying the items you want in your bin.  You can use white rice, garbanzo beans, dried pasta, lima beans...

1.Scoop items into a ziplock baggie, using one baggie per color.

2. Squirt acrylic Color Splash paint into the baggie. Start with a few squirts, you an always add more later if needed.

3. Close up and shake. {This is a fun activity for the children also}


4. Pour sensory materials onto wax paper or into a foil container to dry.  You can even just open the top of baggie and let it sit to dry.

The length of time it takes to dry depends on which materials you used (pasta seems to take a little longer than rice), as well as the amount of paint you've used.

5. When the fillers are dry, start arranging them in a safe sensory bin.  I love using this bin from S&S Worldwide because it's inflatable, easy to carry around, and I can deflate it for easy storage when we're finished.

6. Start adding in fun elements.  I layered this first with the baby lima beans dyed blue, then blue decorative sand {I purchased it already colored}, and yellow dyed rice.

Then added in river rocks and these fun craft drift wood logs.  They came in a huge pack and we've used them for a number of activities and crafts.

7. Add in some sea shells, ocean animal figurines, and then for the fun...

Time to Play