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Creating a fun meal for picky eaters 
Skill Development:  Eating
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Low



Books to Read

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Do you have a picky eater?

I know many of us struggle to get kids to eat certain foods but for those of us who have really picky eaters, meal time can feel stressful.  Here are some fun suggestions I've come up with and have had some great outcomes.  

Change out their plates for ice cube trays and watch them eat up some great finger foods. 

Share your stories with us if you have found these helpful. 

Fun Plates to Encourage Eating

✨ Dinner Winner ✨ This Enchanted Forest dinner game from @fredandfriends is just what my girls need to stay seated through an entire meal! Healthy eating in important and I love being able to stuff these trays with good options with a fun little treat at the end. {pickles, pork chops, carrots with hummus, snap peas and banana slices with sprinkles.

Check out our Instagram for comments on what other parents had to say about these plates. 

Yum (Bento) Boxes that Keep Lunchtime Fun

Colorful lunches help a picky eater eat more or even try new foods. Thanks @stellas_lunchbox for the recommendation on this Yum Box!

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Accessories to Make Meal Time Enjoyable