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Kabobs with Kids

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Easy to cook recipes to encourage kids to cook and eat healthy 
Skill Development:  Cooking
Age Range:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium


Step 1:

Kabobs are simple to prep, easy to cook, and fun to eat, which makes them a perfect meal for the kids to help out with.

Have the kids wash the vegetables while an adult prepares the meat.

Step 2:

Depending on the type of vegetable and the age of the child,  the children might be able to use a kids plastic knife (ours is from Ikea) to cut the food.   If this doesn't work, the adult can chop the vegetables into piles

Step 3:

Let the children add the veggies onto the skewers.  This could be a fun time to discuss patterns and see if they can create some on the skewer they're using.

Step 4:

We use the Usborne "Start to Cook" book and the kids were able to choose which recipe they wanted.

After the skewers were full, we used the marinade they kids chose and brushed that on.  Then it was off to the BBQ for us!

Family Time is important and getting your children involved in helping prep dinner, is a great way to spend the time together and teach them responsibilities