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Rainbow Slime

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Creating simple sensory activities to explore texture using slime
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Age Range:  Preschool +
Messiness:  Medium


Step 1:

In a plastic container or sensory table, let the children pour out some liquid white Elmer's school glue.

I love how they always get such joy out of this step usually because "spilling" glue is a no-no.

Step 2:

Pour in warm water and mix into glue.

If you were to add color, this is where you would do that.  We left it white so the color of the rainbow beads could easily be seen.

Step 3:

Pour in the liquid starch to start to thicken the glue mixture.  Let the children mix this with their hands.  This is such a great sensory activity.

Step 4:

Pour in some of the styrofoam beads (these are a size 0.18").  Encourage the children to mix them all around.


Is your slime too sticky?    Add more liquid starch.

Is your slime too stringy?   Add more glue.


This looks a little too much like food to me. Kids commented that it looked like vanilla yogurt with sprinkles.  Someone else mentioned it looked like frosting.

To avoid any confusion, next time I think we'll add some food coloring or watercolor to the glue to change the appearance.

As always, please supervise your children at all times to ensure their safety.