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A is for Apple

Objective:  Creating simple literacy activities to explore the letter A and apples


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Enhanced Materials

*not needed but used to enhance the learning environment

Step 1:

Set up the invitation to create prior to reduce stress on you.  The more you can prepare in advance, the easier the creation time will be.

Step 2:

Start by discussing the apple tree photo.  You can ask questions like: What do you see in this photo?  What colors do you see?

You can also read a book about apple trees.  "Secrets of the Apple Tree" is an amazing interactive book because it's one in a series of the "shine-a-light" books.  You shine a flashlight (or the light from a cell phone works) behind each page after you've read it to discover some amazing things.  Click here to discover more great Usborne Books.

Step 3:

Encourage the children to rip the brown construction paper into a strip that they would like to use as the tree trunk.  They can free draw the green for the trees leaves or using the paint brush and green paint, paint the wonderful leaves.

Step 4:

While the green paint was drying, I sliced an apple for the kids to snack on.  We discussed what the apple looked like, smelled like, and tasted like.



Step 5:

Using another apple, let them dip the bottom into the red Crayola washable paint and stamp onto their picture.

Remember, there is not right or wrong in art so. You might have an idea of what you'd like them to create but they might come up with something entirely different.  Let them!  Encourage their creativity but asking them about what they're drawing/painting.  Embrace the mess!  {baby wipes are our friends!}