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Abstract Canvas Art

This post may contain affiliate links which keeps this blog going  but does not add any cost to you

Creating abstract art that also glows in the blacklight
Skill Development:  Process Art
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium


This post may contain affiliate links which keeps this blog going  but does not add any cost to you


Books to Read

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Neon Explosion:

Ready to explore Neon, Black lights, and anything that glows-in-the-dark?  This activity is part of our 4-day camp where we created and explored using Neon crayons, fluorescent paint, highlighters, black lights, and so much more.

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Step 1: 

You can choose to paint your canvas to have a base color or keep it white.  In this example, we painted the canvas blue for a background color.

Step 2: 

We like to use items that we already have around us but that you don't normally think of using for painting.  What can you find around your home that you could use?

Using a paint brush, q-tip, craft stick, or even your finger, add dabs of paint that you wish to have.  We used fluorescent blue, yellow, and pink for our canvas.

Step 3: 

We used foam squares to create our designs. You may use any object you wish including a piece of cardboard, a comb, or even your hand.  We started on one end of the canvas and simply swiped the foam square to the other side.  We then picked up the square, and started over, making sure to continue to swipe the same direction.

Once that layer is dry, you can add another layer of paint.

Step 4: 

Now you can start layering your canvas with any objects you wish.  We chose all items that are neon so they would glow in the blacklight.

Step 5: 

We stacked our Neon building blocks on top of each other to add dimension to our canvas.   Our Art Kit included neon shoe laces that we could add to our shoes but we were inspired to cut up and add to our canvas.

We added to our canvas each day over our summer camp.

SURPRISE TIME:  Once you're finished creating your fabulous Abstract Art, now grab your blacklight flashlight and head to a dark space.  Turn on your blacklight and watch your creation Glow.


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Neon {virtual} Summer Camp

Plan for some fun as we dive into the world of Neon Style by creating your own abstract canvas art,  bubble art with fluorescent paint, concentric designs, and so much more.  {warning, you child may end up covered in highlighters but it does easily wash off}