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I Can Spell My Name

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Creating simple activity mats for learning through play
Skill Development:  Spelling
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low


Printable Activity Mat

Laminate this "I Can Spell My Name" mat and your children can have endless fun. Use dry erase or wet erase markers on these, and you can use these worksheets over and over again.

Add Velcro and use the letter pieces we've provided for you. Great for traveling on an airplane with little ones, on long car rides, or just a quiet afternoon activity.

This set comes with:
* "I Can Spell My name" lined template
* "I Can Spell My Name" with 6 designated squares
* "I Can Spell My Name" with 8 designated squares
* Alphabet with (1) One Capital and (2)Two Lowercase per letter for a total of 78 letters