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Crazy Hair Day

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Creating Crazy Hair designs 
Skill Development:  Dramatic Play
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Medium



Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Crazy Hair Day: Back to school means lots of spirit days. Here is a simple way to create crazy hair and doesn't take too long.

Step 1:

In a container, add water to the chalk powder. We use Rose Art because they offer great color options for the powder and it works so well on their hair.

Don't worry!  This washes out so easily!

Step 2:

Using a paint brush, paint the chalk on your child's hair. The thicker the paint, the brighter it stays on the hair.

The possibilities are endless...

You can also use regular sidewalk chalk by wetting the chalk with water and rubbing onto your child's hair. S&S Worldwide makes great vibrant products!