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Beauty Salon

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Beauty salon theme for your Dramtic Play center
Skill Development:  Dramatic Play
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low



  • DIY makeup
  • Makeup brushes
  • Play jewelry
  • Child-friendly mirrors
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Play purses and phones
  • Rapunzel doll head
  • Play hair salon set 
Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Hair Styling

Rapunzel is today’s current client.

Setting the dramatic play center up prior to the kids coming in was so much fun.  We continued to add items to it over the day.

This DIY makeup is something we have created that the children absolutely love!  It's made with nail polish so it takes a few days for it to be ready for play but once it is, it keeps forever!  The bright colors and the textures add to the fun.