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DIY Lego Soap

DIY Lego Soap @how2playtoday
Messiness: Low        Estimated Time: < 30 minutes

It's that time of year when many are getting sick.  To make washing hands a little more exciting, try creating a DIY soap container.  Use a clear soap container and let your little ones decorate the outside.  Putting some water-resistant toys inside, adds to the fun.

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What You'll Need

Where To Buy It

How We Did It

DIY Lego Soap - how2play.toda

Gather your ingredients.  Providing limited options helps prevent over stimulation and contains messiness.

Allow them to put stickers on themselves.

Ask your child to find the correct letters and allow them to put them on.

Time to add the Legos or other small items you've decided to use.

Time to add the legos or any other items you decided to use.

Wash Your Hands!

Let's wash hands!  She was so excited that she washed her hands over and over.

DIY lego soap - allowing them to do entire project on their own builds fine motor skills and confidence

Finished product!  Allowing your child to make the entire product all on their own builds fine motor skills, problem solving skills and most importantly, it builds confidence.