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Best Bug Snacks

Best Bug Snacks for your little ones to enjoy while learning and bugs and gardens.

Best Bug Snacks:  Butterflies

Your little ones will enjoy these creative snacks while learning about bugs and gardens this spring.

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What You Need

1. Gather all of your supplies and remember your table cover or drop cloth.

We use a large white cloth that we bring down for art projects.  When we're not using it as a drop cloth, it gets displayed in our playroom as art.

2. Paint the wooden clothes pins with the darker colors.

Remember, embrace the mess and just let your little ones paint away.

Keep baby wipes and paper towels close by so that you can easily and quickly clean up any spills that might happen.

3. Arrange the painted clothes pins onto your cloth.

4. Set out your lighter paints and a smaller paint brush.

5. Show your child how to dip the ends of the brush and splatter the paint.

If your space inside isn't set up for this, take it outside.  Spread the cloth in your driveway and that creates more space and then you don't have to worry about paint getting on your walls.

6. While the clothes pins are drying, let your child pick out the colors of the pipe cleaners.

7. Using a wire cutter, cut the pipe cleaners in half.

8. Twist these to look like antennas.  I placed these in the end of the pins but you could also glue them on.

9.  Let your child help wash the grapes and organize the crackers or cereal you have decided to use in this snack {we wanted gluten free}

10.  Using sandwich size baggies, organize the fruit on one side with the dry snack on the other.

11.  Pinch the baggie down the center as you zip it close.

12.  Clip the center with the clothes pin and add the antennas to the end where the clip closes.