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Plantable Seed Paper

Plantable paper with seeds for Earth Day.

Plantable paper is great for Earth Day.

This project is made from recycled materials probably already found in your home.

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What You Need

  • Mason jar with lid
  • Pair of nylons
  • hair tie or rubber band
  • Construction paper is green and blue
  • Seeds
  • Blender
What 2 Read

Be the Change - Make It Happen. Big and small ways kids can change the world.  Science with Plants. All the experiments and tricks are safe to do, using only ordinary household equipment.  

How 2 Play

Plantable paper with seeds for Earth Day.

1.Cut nylon to fit around the top of your mason jar and secure with rubber band or hair tie.

2. Flip the lid of the mason jar upside down and sit it on top.  This will help your paper Earth take shape.

3. Tear pieces of the blue construction paper into small pieces and put into the blender.

4. Add small amounts of warm water just so that the paper is moist but not to runny.  Blend until paper is processed and without lumps.

5. Scoop out the pulp and begin filling the mason jar lid.

Plantable paper with seeds for Earth Day.

6. Press the pulp down onto the nylon to create your oceans of your Earth. This will help the water drain into the bottom of the mason jar.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the green construction paper.  This will become your continents of your Earth.

8. Press seeds from your packet into the pulp.

9. Allow the paper to dry for a few hours then remove the lid from the nylon and carefully pop out your paper Earth.

10. You're now ready to plant your paper and grow some beautiful flowers of your own.  Happy Earth Day!