Fire Safety

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Creating simple activity for teaching Fire Safety
Skill Development:  Dramatic Play
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low


Step 1:

Cut the tops off of the milk cartons to create a rectangle.

Step 2:

Clean the inside thoroughly with hot water and soap, then dry.

Step 3:

Push one of the cartons down into the other.  Don't worry, it's much easier that you'd think.

This create a very sturdy brick that the children can play with.

Step 4:

Cover the carton brick with red construction.

Step 4:

Cut out circles for the wheels, headlights, and windows of the fire truck.

Allow the children to glue and paste them onto the fire truck.

Normally, I don't direct how a project should look but I did encourage the children to think about where do you fire wheels on a car?  Are they up near the windows or down low touching the ground?

We had the pleasure of touring a local fire station the other day, which got the children thinking and asking some amazing questions.

Today we discussed fire safety and how to dial 9-1-1 if you should have an emergency.

We also found some great videos that Pre-K Pages suggested watching that was talking about fire safety and then we acted out Stop - Drop -  and Roll




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