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Truffula Trees

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Creating simple and fun ways to express through Art
Skill Development:  Creative Art
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Low


Dr. Seuss books are just such a favorite to read as they encourage creativity, reading, rhyming and so much more.  One of our favorites is The Lorax.  So after reading the story, we decided to create our own masterpieces based on this book.

  1. Using watercolor paper, set up the space with the paper on some sort of plastic container surface to contain the painting (later on)
  2. Offer this great set of Neon Oil Pastels.  Here is a fun time to explain how oil and water do not mix so by starting with oil pastels, we get to create drawings that are going to really stand out.  You can encourage them to press hard if you'd like but I find that they tend to do this naturally

3. We went through the book until we found a page that they were excited to draw... The Truffala Trees.

Sometimes they want guidance and I often encourage them to think of shapes they could use to create their own art... Not everyone's drawings are going to look the same and that's okay.  We're all different and so our art will be different too


4. Now for the fun of liquid watercolors.  We picked 5 beautiful bright colors and added a few squirts into little Dixie cups.  Add a little bit of water.

5.  Let the kids start painting with the liquid colors.  Swiping back and forth to create these beautiful masterpieces.