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Moon Dough

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Creating simple sensory activities to exploring Outer Space
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Age Range:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium




Sensory Bin:

Fill one bin or sensory table with all of the ingredients.  We used chalk powder from Rose Art but you can easily make your own using sidewalk chalk.  Powdered tempera paint is another option.  You can use any color you wish or leave it white like the moon.  We choose purple to add some fun.

Outer Space:

Pretend this is like the sand on the moon.  Create craters or hills and have your figurines go exploring.  Encourage the children to squish and mold the dough.  The sand gives children the stimulation to keep their minds and hands busy while the lavender essential oil helps them to relax.

Relaxing Sensory:

Playing with this cloud dough is therapeutic and provides a calming element.  Lavender essential oil is widely used for its relaxing and calming qualities.  We use dōTERRA oils.  Use essential oils carefully and consult the dōTERRA website if you have any questions.