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Yard Jenga

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Creating simple games to play outside as a family
Skill Development:  Fine Motor Skills
Age Range:  Elementary - Adults
Messiness:  High

4th of July is always a huge gathering for our family so what better way to spend some quality time together, than to play some outdoor yard games.  Here's a DIY project you can create.

Step 1:

Measure out 7.5" in length and mark the lumber and cut all of them.  Be sure to use your work gloves and protective eye wear.  You should get 12 pieces out of each of your lumber pieces.

You can always add more pieces if you'd like two games going on at once or if you'd like your tower even taller.

Step 2:

Use the mouse sander and start sanding!  Be sure the carefully round the corners.

Step 3:

You can leave your pieces as they are, stain them, or paint them.  Red, White, & Blue seems fitting to celebrate the 4th of July.

DecoArt Patio Paint is a weather-resistant acrylic paint great for decorating wood.

Step 4:

Let the pieces dry and then you're ready for some family fun outdoors.