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DIY Christmas Ornament

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Would you like to create a sweet gift for Grandparents or as a school gift for families? Check out how to make these simple DIY ornaments!


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Step 1.

Start with a clear, plastic ornament.  We purchased these from Target.  I kept them in the original box so I could write the initials of the children to keep them organized.

Step 2.

I let each child pick out the ribbon themselves that they would like to use.  This allows them the independence of making choices and also personalizes the gift even more.

Step 3.

Using the ribbon the child picked out, I measured their height.  Then cut out the ribbon and insert into the plastic ornament.

Step 4.

Print off a similar tag and attach to the ornament.  I wish I would have taken more photos but we were just having too much fun creating and handing these out this year.


2020 Edit:  I wish I would have saved an extra one each for myself! I miss these little ones and especially this year because of the pandemic.  Once I'm finally able to safely open back up, these little ones will be in Kindergarten (and I just might cry).

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