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O is for Octopus

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Creating simple sensory activity
Skill Development:  Literacy Play
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low



Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

O is for Ocean & Octopus

I love creating simple table activities to encourage sensory play, the current theme we're studying, and to promote literacy.

Here we have set up a felt mat activity of the Ocean with adorable mermaids.

Laminating is one of my favorite things to do and so I've created many mats for the kids to use over and over again.  This Oo is for Octopus is laminated so that they can use dry erase markers to trace the letters or we can pull out the play-dough to add extra sensory to the activity.

These Montessori sandpaper letters are amazing!  They're made to order, high quality, and my children absolutely love playing and spelling with them.  Great for letter recognition, sight words, etc.


This is the set I purchased off of Etsy

This is my favorite laminator and I have had it for well over 4 years.  In fact Scotch brand now makes a newer one that I'll link here.  

These are also my favorite laminating pouches to use!  {Thank goodness for Amazon Prime next day delivery because when I start laminating, I seem to go through half of a pack at a time}

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