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Play-Dough Mats

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Creating simple sensory activity
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Medium



Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Play-dough Mats. 🎨 I love laminating pretty much Everything! Then we can use and reuse these mats for years... Great for cultivating imagination, fine motor skills, letter recognition, colors, numbers, and just some plain ol’ FUN.

Reading always enhances any activity and we constantly are adding books to our activities.  Right now, two of my Favorite books are Only One You  &  You Be You by Linda Kranz.

Each book is about being loving yourself and feeling confident being uniquely you, which I think we all could use a little reminder now and again.

And if you're interested, there's a sweet little plush fish to play with as well.

This is my favorite laminator and I have had it for well over 4 years.  In fact Scotch brand now makes a newer one that I'll link here.  

These are also my favorite laminating pouches to use!  {Thank goodness for Amazon Prime next day delivery because when I start laminating, I seem to go through half of a pack at a time}

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