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Art for Kids to learn about famous artist, Keith Haring. This beautiful piece was created with mixed media paper, neon oil pastels {quite possibly my Favorite thing ever}, and ... Black liquid watercolor. Now that’s one way to make it P O P !! .

I originally learned about this technique through Friends Preschool.


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Step 1: 

Write your name on the back of your watercolor paper then flip it over.   (At the very end you have a special surprise... Shhhhhh)

With your Neon Oil Pastels, start drawing symbols inspired by Keith Haring.  The Heart is a symbol for Love, Friendship, & Acceptance and it is a common symbol in Keith Haring’s drawing.

Step 2: 

Choose 4 virtues or traits about yourself that you value as making you unique and great.  Examples could be “Kind” “Honest”  “Caring” “Loving” “Unique”  “Brave” “Sincere”

Step 3: 

Continue to draw all around your watercolor paper with your Neon Oil Pastels.  You can fill in the empty spaces with swirls, dots, zig zags, lines of any sort.

Step 4: 

Time to grab your liquid watercolors and paint brush.  Make sure the Black liquid watercolor is Not watered down too much.  You want to make sure it stays black on your paper and doesn’t turn gray.

You may use a paper towel to dab off excess watercolor if you wish.

Step 5: 

Now sit back and enjoy your very own creation of Neon Pop Art inspired by Keith Haring.

SURPRISE TIME:  Lower the window shades and turn down the lights in the room.  Now grab your blacklight flashlights, turn them on and watch how your Art light up!


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Sensory Table: 

I'm a huge advocate for sensory play even at the elementary school level.  We set this table up in the back for students to explore if they wanted to take a break, needed their art to draw or if they finished early.

We also created Kindness Pebbles to keep or share as a way to remember to be kind to ourselves and to others.