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Snowman Names

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Creating ways to learn letters of the alphabet. 
Skill Development:  Phonics
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low



  • Circle templates
  • Printed out letters of the name
  • Black construction paper
  • Googly wiggly eyes
  • Glue sticks
Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

 ⛄️ We’re ready for winter now with our Snowmen! This fun activity is great for letter recognition & fine motor skill development.

 Each child had the circles with letters of their name, plus one blank circle, and one black top hat. We talked about the first letter of everyone’s name and each child picked their letter out. With some help, they glued their letters together and added the top hat. Then the fun of choosing which wiggly eyes to put on 👀

They were So proud. Just look at their sweet faces! 🥰

I created circle templates with all the letters of the children's names.  I cut them out and placed them on the table long with a black top hat, one empty circle for each child, and glue sticks.

This was a create opportunity to talk about the letters in their names.

After we placed the letters in the correct order, the children glued their circles together.  Then we added the empty circle to the top, glued on eyes and the top hat.

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