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Construction Site

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Creating centers to enhance learning
Skill Development:  Dramatic Play
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Low


I am excited to announce that the dramatic play center is changing into a Construction Site!  We will be building math, literacy, science, and social skills during our pretend play thanks to the addition of "Pocket of Preschool" set of Dramatic Play printouts.
Play is powerful! Learning through play creates meaningful learning opportunities.
Your child will be...
  • Developing fine motor skills and engineering skills as they draw blueprints and sketches of structures
  • Building with various building materials
  • Measuring structures and recording the height or length
  • Exploring the physical properties and characteristics of various building materials
  • Sorting building materials
  • Exploring balance and symmetry when building
  • Using rich vocabulary related to construction when they pretend and interact with their friends

Things to Discuss:

  • Support their learning and drive around looking for construction sites in your neighborhood. 
  • Stop and look at a site from a safe distance.  Talk about and notice the vehicles, tools, and materials they are using. 
  • What is happening and what do you think will happen next.