The Guitar – A Study in Cubism

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Creating a collage to explore the works of Pablo Picasso while allowing for creative expression
Skill Development:  Art
Minimum Age:  Grade 3
Messiness:  Medium



Books to Read

Age/grade for projects are simply suggestions and may be used with other age groups. Some activities may not be suitable for younger children.  Supervise your children at all times.

All of these photos below were created by a class of Third Graders.

Step 1: 

On brown construction paper, draw a guitar (see additional directions).  Add detail to the guitar, including white circle for center if desired, pieces of string, etc.  Then cut the guitar in half.

You can chose to use only one piece or both in your creation.

Step 2:

Gather the scrap pieces of materials to use in your creation.

Pablo Picasso invited the Collage (meaning “to stick”).  He often used ribbon, string, rope, labels, cardboard, newspaper, doily, and even wallpaper in his collages.

Step 3:

Cut, rip, tear your materials and glue them to your black construction paper.  Here is where you can use your creative expression.

Remember, there is no wrong way to create.

Step 4:

Cut your guitar in half. Picasso was known for co-inventing Cubism, using geometric shapes to represent natural objects.

You may choose to use only one piece or both sides of your guitar.

More Picasso-inspired art learning plans for additional grades. 

Click here for the entire curriculum {link is through TPT}:

Learning plan, Script to use when teaching this to your group of children, along with Art History printout.




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