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Birds Nest Sensory Bin

North American Birds 

Did you know that Bald Eagles aren't even bald?  Join us as we explore birds from around North America.

Playing in a sensory bin is a great way for children to explore new concepts in a safe way.  As always, make sure the items you place inside of the bin is age appropriate for your kiddos.


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Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Set Up: 

For this sensory bin, we used dried lentils as a filler.  You can also use dried pasta, rocks you collect from outside, colored rice or even dried garbanzo beans.  Add some items like pretend birds nests or pretend bird eggs.  Including jumbo tweezers, scoops, cups, and funnels is a great way for the children to explore the bin and work on their fine motor skills.

Nature Walk:  

Grab your jacket and head outside for a fun nature walk.  Look around for birds you can see right in your neighborhood.  Listen as you hear them chirp.

You could also grab a pencil and notebook and encourage your child to draw the bird they see, to write down some characteristics of what you've observed.


Check out some online options for expanding your learning.  We found on ABC Mouse a few activities our children could do including how to create your own bird feeder as well as teaches about sequencing.

Science Center:  

A great addition to creating a sensory bin is creating a science center.  It doesn't have to be elaborate!  Our center always offers books about our current thematic study as well as some fun objects to use for exploring.

You can even make your very own binoculars for bird watching out of 2 toilet paper tubes.