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Blue Apron Dinner

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Creating healthy dinner for the family
Skill Development:  Cooking
Age Range:  Adult
Messiness:  Medium


At the end of a busy day, sometimes it's challenging to put together a healthy dinner for the family.  I decided to try out Blue Apron, a food order service that delivers fresh, high-quality food straight to your door.  You still need to cook the meals but they provide all of the needed ingredients and in the exact portions you need to create the meals.  Recipes are included!

Box was delivered on time as promised online.  They even sent me an email letting me know when it's on it's way along with a tracking number.  I can even change our delivery date or skip a week.

My kitchen looked a bit messier than usual and I used more dishes than I normally do (I should have taken a photo of the mess).  The meal turned out wonderful and the family really enjoyed it.