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Apple Sensory Bottle

Objective: Creating simple sensory bottle activities to explore the letter A and apples


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Enhanced Materials

*not needed but used to enhance the learning environment

Step 1:

Let your children help scoop the white rice into the ziplock baggies.

This enhances your child's fine motor skills as they help you to create this wonderful autumn-inspired sensory bottle.

Step 2:

Squirt the acrylic paint into the ziploc baggie.  I used the brand Color Splash by S&S Worldwide. I absolutely love their products.

Step 3:

Make sure the ziplock baggie is securely closed then hand the baggie to your child.  Let them squish the rice back and forth to ensure the paint gets on all of it.  This is a fun sensory activity in itself!

Step 4:

Lay out the foil. I tend to fold over the edges a little.  Pour the colored rice on the foil to dry.

This might take around one hour.  I like to stir the rice every once in a while to make sure it dries faster.

Step 5:

After the rice is dry, let your child pour in the colors you wish to have in your sensory bottle. We use the Voss plastic water bottles often and love them!  Add some little apples erasers and secure the lid.

Now you're ready for some sensory exploration without a lot of mess!


READ:  There are many wonderful books to pair with this activity. We chose Little Tree by Loren Long.  This sweet book is about change and growth.