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Snowman Perspective Art


Creating ways to explore Perspective Art while creating a fun Snowman and Winter scene with this snowman perspective art lesson

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Step 1:

Using objects from around the room, or you can freely draw three circles of different sizes.  These will be layered to create your Snowman.

Remember this is your creation, so you don’t have to make it look just like any of the examples.  You are unique and so is your art.  Maybe you want 4 circles to create your Snowman or maybe you want to use pink to color in the perimeter.


Learning about Perspective Art while create a fun Winter Scene and an Adorable snowman.

Step 2:

Cut out your three circles.


Step 3:  

Using your Oil or Chalk Pastels, rub the outside perimeter of all three of your circles. You do not have to color the edges completely.

If you used Chalk Pastels, you may rub it in using your fingers.  If you used Oil Pastels, it can be helpful to rub it using a paper towel.


Step 4:

Add Eyes:  you may draw in your eyes using marker, oil pastels,  or even glue on buttons or small pebbles from outside.

Add a Nose:  You can draw a triangle for the carrot nose using pastels or markers.  You could also cut a triangle out of paper.

Add Arms:  You can cut arms from a brown construction paper or use scraps from today’s project and draw on them brown using your oil pastels.


Step 5: 

You can cut out a scarf out of scrapbook paper or design your own scarf using scraps from today’s project.  What colors will you use to decorate your scarf?  Will you add designs?


Glue all the pieces together.


Step 6 - Creating the Background: 

Option 1: Using your white oil pastels, you can draw snowflakes on one of the white mixed media papers.  They might be hard to see right now, but when you add watercolor on the paper, they will show.


Option 2

You can just add the watercolor onto your blank mixed media paper but before it had dried, sprinkles salt over the paper.  Leave to dry.  The salt will absorb some of the liquid, leaving fun designs for your background


Step 8:

Once your background is dry, you can glue on your snowman.  If you’d like to add an additional construction paper to the back to create a framed look, you can.


Perspective Art is when we can give a three-dimensional feeling to a flat image.  In this project, we created a winter scene that appears we are looking down on our snowman from the sky.

Cute Snowman perspective art

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