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Build your own Mini City

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Creating simple open ended play.
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Age Range:  Preschool
Messiness:    Low

In Road Toys:  Great for letting kids express their our creativity and build a city exactly how they wish!  This play tape is easy to tear, sticks but does not damage the surface at all and is super easy to pull off without leaving any residue behind!

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How 2 Play

My girls absolutely love to play with these!  I let them use them on our nice wood floors because they don't damage them.

I encourage the kids to use their imagination and find items around the house to play with like paper towel rolls and old milk cartons.


I keep items in a bin in our playroom that the kids can use for any project they wish:

  • paper towel tubes
  • toilet paper tubes
  • lids to milk jugs, orange juice, peanut butter jars
  • milk cartons (washed out and dried)
  • plastic containers from the grocery store
  • pinecones from our nature walks
  • sticks and stones from our nature walks