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DIY Flag Puzzle

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Creating simple art projects for learning about America.
Skill Development:  U.S. History
Age Range:  Preschool - Elementary
Messiness:  Medium

This is for a great project to celebrate the 4th of July, Veterans day, and also is great for road trips to help keep the little ones occupied in the back seat.  {think No Electronics}


Step 1:

Prepare the area as needed with materials and cloth to catch any spills.  Keeping baby wipes and paper towels nearby helps for easy cleanup.

Step 2:

Discuss how the American flag used to only have thirteen stripes and thirteen stars, one for each of the states.  Today, the flag has fifty stars.

Step 3:

Pour the paint onto the paper plate or other container and encourage the kids to start painting each stick, rotating between red and white.

Step 4:

Paint the blue square in the upper left hand corner of the sticks.  Once it's dry, let the kids dip q-tips into the white paint and place dots on for the stars.

Step 5:

Once dried, mix the sticks around and let the children put the puzzle back together.