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DIY Bookmarks inspired by Mondrian

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Creating ways to explore abstract art while learning about Piet Mondrian.  
Skill Development:  Art Education
Minimum Age:  Grade 1
Messiness:  Medium


Age/grade for projects are simply suggestions and may be used with other age groups.   

Some activities may not be suitable for younger children.  Supervise your children at all times.

Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Piet Mondrian

 A famous Dutch painter who is best known for his 1920’s abstract works of art featuring only horizontal and vertical lines.

Mondrian’s famous abstract works of art used only primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) along with white and black to create bold contrast.

Step 1:

There are so many options when creating your bookmakers inspired by Mondrian.

Construction Paper:  Precut construction paper using Primary Colors plus white and black.  Hole Punch the top of the bookmakers.

Free Hand Shapes:

Or simply use the construction paper to create the blank bookmark.  Then you can being to create your squares and rectangles in Primary Colors.  Then using your Black Sharpie, you can outline the shapes and adding in more squares and rectangles without color.

Using a Ruler:

Use your ruler to draw Horizontal and Vertical lines inside your bookmark.

You will then color in some of the spaces with Sharpies in Primary Colors plus a few black.

Step 5:

Measure out 6" of ribbon.  We used white but you could use Primary Colors or even Black.

Secure the ribbon through the hole you've punched.

Now you have created your very own masterpiece just like Piet Mondrian and you're ready for some reading

More art inspired by Piet Mondrian

Creating ways to think about abstract art while learning about Piet Mondrian

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