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Unicorn Slime

Rainbow slime is great sensory play. follow @how2playtoday for more creative ideas.

Unicorn slime is loads of fun!  Kids can get involved creating it by helping to measure out ingredients, taking turns and mixing the goo all together.

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What You'll Need

Where to Buy It

How We Did It

Rainbow Slime DIY by @how2playtoday

Gather all ingredients.

We set out 4 red plastic cups and in each cup we mixed:

  1. 1 cup of water
  2. 3/4 white Elmer's glue


Making Rainbow slime.  Allowing the kids to be part of the process helps to grow their listening skills, sharing and confidence.  Check out the website for additional steps.  How2play.today

Add food coloring to each cup - we used gel food coloring for bright colors

  • Teal:  1 blue: 1 green
  • Lime Green:  5 yellow: 1 green
  • Pink:  8 red: 1 blue
  • Yellow:  4 yellow

Mixing rainbow slime.

Add 1/2 tsp borax to each cup and keep stirring.  Mixture will thicken.  We then dumped out the mixture on the table and I let the kids continue to mix using their hands.

Mixing all colors together creates a wonderful Rainbow of Slime.  Check out www.How2play.today for more creative ideas.

Continue to stretch and mix and play!

Store slime in ziplock baggies to keep fresh.  You can continue to use this slime over and over again!  Rainbow Slime from @how2playtoday

Store the slime in ziplock baggies to keep it fresh.  You can continue to use the slime over and over again.