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P is for Penguin

Welcome to learning fun and creative ways to teach children letters of the alphabet, including sign language, arts and crafts, sensory bins, sensory trays, and literature.

Creating ways to learn letters of the alphabet. 
Skill Development:  Phonics
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low


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Nothing beats hands on learning!  Setting out sensory bins and trays allows children to learning through exploration in a safe environment.

Here we set out this tray of little penguins and an igloo along with a scale.  They explored how the scale would move to one side or another depending on how many penguins they put inside the baskets.

Craft Time:

How adorable are their little Penguins?!  Using small sized paper bags, they glued out precut shapes to create their own little paper bag hand puppet.

Sensory Tray:




Click here to watch Patty Shukla's YouTube video on teaching the letter P through American Sign Language.


Our Phonics Posters are designed to go right along with her videos.

Dramatic Play:

We built this amazing Igloo Fantasy Fort from HearthSong!  The children had so much fun climbing in and around the fort.

In this photo, the children are "honking" just like baby penguins do.  If you have an Amazon Dot, just ask "Alexa, what sound does a penguin make"

Anchor Chart:

Anchor charts are another great way to include visuals for encouraging learning through fun.  Let the children come up with what the Penguins can do, what they have and what they are.  If your children are too young to read, draw the pictures like you see here.  You can also allow them to come up and draw for you.

Click here for our entire Phonics Posters!

These posters pair wonderfully with songs that teach sign language (ASL).  I highly recommend downloading these mats and laminating them so you can use them over and over again.

Click here to see all of the ways you can use these printable posters. 


Check out Patty Shukla's YouTube channel for fun and educational songs.  Our printable posters go perfectly with her songs that teach ASL.