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@how2playtoday Healthy food for January curriculum Body & Nutrition unit

Healthy eating is important for everyone so we're prepping for January curriculum on Body & Nutrition.

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What You'll Need

Where to Buy It

Look Inside Your Body - Usborne BooksLook Inside Food - Usborne Books
How We Did It

]Take the Pledge -- Become a MyPlate Champion.

We're starting simple with these print offs and introduce this idea to the kids at meal time.  Have your kids Take the Pledge and become healthy eaters!

Make dinner time fun for picky eaters with these game plates ~ How2play.today

When you have picky eaters or even kids who just get bored at the dinner table, sometimes it's helpful to make it a little fun.  We use these for "special" nights.

Body & Nutrition curriculum for @How2playtoday

ChooseMyPlate.gov offers some great free printouts, activities and ideas for helping kids to eat healthy and get some good exercise.