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Valentine’s Day Pasta Sensory Bin

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Creating simple sensory activity 
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Low



  • Dried Pasta of your choice
  • Acrylic or Tempera Paint
  • Zip-loc baggies
  • Bin
  • Scoops or Jumbo Tweezers
Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

Come create a valentine's day themed sensory bin for your children.

Sensory bins allow children to safely explore the world around them and experience different textures. Great for home or the classroom.

Step 1. 

In a baggie, filled with the pasta you want to dye, add a few squirts of paint.

The paint goes a long way so you don't need much at all.  We love this Color Splash acrylic paint from S&S Worldwide.  You can request the bottles come with these pumps, which are great for little hands to be independent and add in their own paint.

Step 2.

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Seal the baggies tightly and let the children shake them up.  They will love this part.

Step 3.

Pour the colored pasta onto a tray, foil, or you can simply leave it in the baggie and just up seal the top.

Stir and mix around after a minute or two to make sure the pasta doesn't stick to one another.  Within a few minutes, the pasta will be dried and ready to play with.

Step 4. 

Pour into a bin and you're ready to play!

Add some scoops, jumbo tweezer, and any other items you'd like and your child is ready to explore a fun holiday-themed sensory bin.

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