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Back to School Surprise


Can you believe it's almost back to school time? I've been in denial about it for weeks, not wanting summer to end but none the less, it's almost here.  I want to surprise the girls with their new school supplies.

First Grade

"The Night Before First Grade" These book are adorable and always get my kids excited for the next big day. Hard to believe we're about to have a First Grader!  Below are some of her items and where you can purchase them.


Preschool age is one of my favorite!  Everything is just so new and exciting.  One more year and we will have all kids in school and that's so hard to believe.  Can't I just keep them home a little longer...   Below are some of our fun preschool items and where you can purchase them.



Target's dollar spot always has the most amazing back to school items and you better grab them fast before they're all gone! Most of the items shown are from those bins except for:

Peppa Pig book: Busy Day at School

Mr. Sketch scented markers 

Pencil case

The Night Before First Grade book

ALEX toys My Chunky Pad  - blank sketch book which my kids love to carry around, write and draw in

Googly finger puppet eyes

LED book light in mint/ multicolor