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February is Dental Health Month

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Creating simple and fun ways to learn through play
Skill Development:  Sensory
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Low



Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

🦷 Dental Health Month 🦷

Classroom is a great place to teach kids about dental hygiene.  This sensory bin was a huge hit!  We filled it with cut up straws, cotton balls, and toothbrushes!

Sensory play give children a safe environment to learn and explore the world around them.

Check out S&S Worldwide for this fun blowup sensory bin!

Teaching children at a young age about making healthy choices is important and it can also be fun!  This oversized display of teeth comes with the perfect oversized toothbrush.  Who wouldn't want to play with this?

We discussed how to brush our teeth, when it's important, and why we should brush our teeth.  After lunch, we always have the kids brush their teeth so this was a fun way to get to play with toothbrushes.

These activity mats are a fun way to encourage learning through play.  This particular is a seek and find printable that you can find here from my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

I laminate anything I possibly can that way the document becomes so versatile.  This little guy wanted to color in every tooth he could find.  We also counted the objects and tallied them up on the backside.

This is another printable that I laminated.  This set comes with a Healthy looking tooth and a Not So Healthy.

She used dry erase markers and colored in all of the "sugar bugs" (plaque) areas then using a toothbrush from our sensory bin, she scrubbed the tooth all clean.