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Rainbow Bubbles

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Creating simple sensory activities to explore bubbles and colors
Skill Development:  Sensory Play
Age Range:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium


Step 1:

Fill up the kid-sized pool or water table with water and add the pure & clean dish soap to it in order to create great bubbles.

Step 2:

Sprinkle in the washable liquid watercolors by Sargent Art.  I love colors in rainbow order!

Step 3:

Let the children swirl their hands in the bubbles and watch how the colors mix all around.   Talk about how colors change when the mix with other colors and how when you mix them all, they turn a lovely shade of brown.  {My kids thought that was pretty funny to be playing in a pool of "brown" by the end of the activity}

Step 4:

If you have the pool, the kids jump in and mix the colors using their bodies.  What's more fun that sensory play where you can use your entire body to explore (especially on a hot day)!