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Learning at Home

This fall is going to look different for all of our children.  With almost all students schooling from home, here is a quick tutorial on how to setup a great educational space.


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  • Calendar
  • Rug & Pillows
  • Letters of the Alphabet
  • Word wall words
  • laminator
  • Pockets
  • Class Helper print out
  • Educational Posters
Books to Read

*Reading enhancing the learning environment

At Their Level:  

Sometimes as adults we want to make a space look great and I do this all of the time.  It's easy to forget about the functionality of the space.  Keep in mind the age of your child.  If you have a preschooler, try to keep the items low to the floor so the posters, calendar, etc are at their eye level.  Sometimes this is hard just due to space.  Like in my photo, I had to place the colors and shapes higher up because I felt like the calendar and helper pockets were more important for them to be able to access.

Word Wall: 

This took me a long time to create but I'm so happy with how they turned out.  I laminate everything so I don't have to worry about the children constantly touching them and flipping through the words.   I like the command hangers because the children can remove the words and take them to a space where they can practice reading, writing, etc.

Share your Projects:

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