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Kindergarten end-of-year Class Gift

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Creating bright and useful end of the school year gift for your child's teacher
Age Range:  Adult
Messiness:  Medium



  • Cardstock paper in a variety of colors
  • Cricut machine
  • Gift cards to restaurants, coffee shop, movie theaters of your choosing
  • Chopsticks
  • Green paint
  • Mason jars
  • Spray paint: pink, yellow (teacher's favorite colors)
  • Packing tape
  • Ribbon
  • Laminator


How 2 Play

Step 1:

I wanted to create these paper flowers to hold the gift cards so I measured it out and cut out flowers using my Cricut machine from Michaels.  The flowers measure 3"

Step 2:

I created a few layers for the front so that it was decorated.  I also doubled up on the largest flower so that it then creates a pouch.

I used double sided tape as well as a glue stick.

Step 3:

I used wooden chop sticks but you could also use dowels.  I had the kids paint them green.  Always good to encourage the kids to actually help create the teacher's gift.

Step 4:

In a well ventilated area, spray mason jars in desired colors.  We were making gifts for my daughter's Kindergarten teacher and also the teacher's assistant so we chose each of their favorite colors.

Step 5:

Using clear packing tape, I taped the green chopsticks to the back side of the paper flowers.  I was surprised at how sturdy these were!

I used glass pebbles to keep the jar weighted down and sturdy.  The sticks held great in the pebbles.

Step 6:

I created these labels, printed, and laminated them.  Hole punched them and tied them to the mason jars with a simple ribbon.