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Post Office

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Creating centers to enhance learning
Skill Development:  Dramatic Play
Minimum Age:  Toddler
Messiness:  Low


💌 P O S T O F F I C E 💌

Play is Powerful! They’re learning so much engaging in pretend / dramatic play! Math skills, sorting, theme related vocabulary, problem solving, enhanced social skills . . . The list goes on. Plus they’re just so adorable to watch explore

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Your child will be...
  • Using rich theme related vocabulary and developing their oral language as they pretend and interact with their friends.  
  • Sorting stamps, envelopes, and packages by size and color
  • Developing reading and writing skills as they create cards, postcards, and letters to mail
  • Developing math skills as they count money, create receipts, weigh packages, and read the Post Office prices
  • Reading labels, mail, and student mailboxes as they play
  • Enhancing social skills when taking turns, sharing, waiting, controlling their impulses, and expressing their feelings through appropriate gestures, actions, and words.

Support Their Learning:

  • Visit a real Post Office and collect the mail from your mailbox.
  • Write or draw a postcard, letter, or card and mail it at the post office.
  • When you home from school, have your child get the mail out of the mailbox. Notice the color and size of envelopes as well as the words written on them.