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Pizza Craft – How2Play.Today

Pizza Craft

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Creating simple activities to teach the alphabet and phonics through play
Skill Development:  Alphabet
Minimum Age:  Preschool
Messiness:  Medium


🍕P I Z Z A C R A F T 🍕
We’re learning about the letter P and I love using sensory materials to help with their learning.
•Constriction paper. {We used black for background and cut up red for toppings}
•Round coffee filter.
•Glue {I love using the glue from S&S Worldwide because the glue in the sticks are purple so they can see where it is plus the glue is nice and thick.}  •Yellow decorative shred.
  1. Have the children glue the round coffee filter onto the black construction paper. 
  2. Encourage them to flatten out the filter.  This can even be made into a fun sensory activity. 
  3. Add more glue all over the coffee filter
  4. Sprinkle on some "cheese" (yellow decorative shred) 

5. Allow the children some red squares of construction paper.  This could represent pepperoni, sausages, tomatoes, peppers...

6. Ask them what they would like to put on their pretend pizza.  

7. You could also prep some cut up green and black construction paper to represent green peppers and olives.  

Things to Discuss:

  • Repeat the word pizza often, emphasizing the sound P  "P, P, Pizza"
  • Ask what kind of pizza would they like to eat. 
  • Talk about the process of creating a real pizza and replicate it here with the pretend pizza






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