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D is for Dinosaur

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Creating simple activities exploring Dinosaurs while learning about the letter "D"

Skill Development

Literacy and Language

Dinosaurs are fun to learn about and this craft gets their little fingers involved in creating their own little dino.  There are many great books to include in your reading.www.How2play.Today

How 2 Play
D is for Dinosaur. Dinosaur theme play.

Step 1:   Cut the letter D out of green construction paper. This will become the Dinosaur's body.

Step 2.  Cut small triangles out of black construction paper.  These will go on the "back".

Step 3.  Cut out small circles as the heads and skinny rectangle pieces as the legs.

D is for Dinosaur. Dinosaur theme play.

Step 4.  Allow the kids to  glue the triangles and the eyes on the dinosaur.

I created one as an example although typically I like to let them be creative all on their own.  Focus on the process, not the final product.



What shapes do you see? Can you find the triangle? How about a rectangle?  What will you name your Dinosaur?

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